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Marketing Your Restaurant This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us; is your restaurant prepared? Now is the best time to promote your restaurant while all those hungry shoppers are out and about.  Below, we will go over some tips for marketing your restaurant this holiday. 


Holiday promotions are beneficial for customers who are out shopping and looking for a great meal. Running a special holiday menu, or running a limited offer and letting your customers and potential guests know about it can really raise profits. This is also a good time to let customers know your holiday hours as well.


Get involved in your community. Collecting food and toys for donation to a local charity or event is a notable and newsworthy event. Not only will you be helping others, charity work will help you get your restaurant recognized and promote your business.


Offering new products around the holiday season such as deep fried turkeys, eggnog shakes, party platters, pumpkin pies and other holiday related treats can help as well, since they are all sought after items. Having your favorite holiday item will be sure to tempt their taste buds and will draw the guests to your restaurant.

If you have the ability to offer catering, it can be an excellent profit builder and bring in sales. Companies are continuously showing their appreciation to their staff by hosting parties and events. So, be the one to cater these holiday festivities. Getting your name out to every person in an office is a sure way to get recognized.


With social media being as large as it is today, running special promotions on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites should be a part of your marketing strategy. Host a contest online or give your followers a special promotion, i.e. coupons and also post all your holiday related menu items. Get into the interactive fun of the holidays.

Help your restaurant flourish this year, get into the holiday spirit!

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