Paper Towels Are Awesome!

Turns out, there are a lot of things that paper towels are good for that have nothing to do with mopping up spills. Take a look at these household tricks that are sure to make your life easier.

Keep your vegetables fresh:
Vegetables always go bad eventually, but did you know that water speeds up the process? Line your veggie bins and bowls with paper towel. The towels will soak up the excess water and save your peas and carrots from the trash.

paper towels

Husk some corn:
While fresh corn is delicious, husking it can be a pain with all that corn silk sticking to everything. Fear no more, paper towels are a big help in this area. Take a damp paper towel and wipe down each ear. The paper towel will pick up any stray silk.

Clean up your sewing machine:
Sewing machines can put off grease that will eventually end up on your craft projects. Instead of taking your machine apart and trying to clean out impossibly small spaces, use a paper towel. Fold over a paper towel and run it through the sewing machine like it’s cloth. Sew a few lines and watch the grease disappear. The paper towels pick it up as the needle passes through, cleaning out the machine.

paper towels 2

Keep frozen bread from getting soggy:
People often store bread in the freezer until they’re ready to eat it, but the thawing process leaves the bread in a soggy state. Before putting bread in the freezer, throw a paper towel in the bag. As the bread thaws, the paper towel will pick up the extra moisture and preserve the integrity of the loaf.