Who’s Cleaner? Cats or Dogs?

There are dog lovers and there are cat lovers out there, no matter which you are, both sides tend to argue over which is better. Today we are going to  find out who is cleaner.
There has been a long standing myth that cats and dogs have cleaner mouths than humans, this is not the case. All three have hundreds of micro-organisms living in their mouths, some are good and many are bad, but cats are more likely to cause infection. While a dog bite can cause more physical damage, due to a stronger jaw and larger bite, rarely does it break the skin. A cat’s teeth tend to be sharper and usually cause a puncture wound, making it more likely that the bitee will be infected.

When it comes to habitual cleanliness, however, cats clean their coats more than dogs and open their mouths less often, which keeps them from picking up more bacteria. This helps prevent parasites, lice, and odor – this partly explains why dogs tend to smell more than cats.
Our call is that cats are cleaner animals when it comes to natural bathing instincts, but since dogs have a stronger oder, they are more likely to be given a real bath on a regular basis. Who do you think is cleaner?